Thai Curries & Duck Specials

1.Sizzling Duck  ::  seasoned boneless duck and sauteed shrimp stir fried with mixed vegetable in light sweet gravy and touch of brandy; served on a sizzling hot plate ::    

2. Bangkok Duck ::  refined marinated crispy duck on fried rice with ginger and shitake mushroom  ::    

3. Banana Curry Duck ::  rich flavored curry with boneless duck, banana, broccoli, peapod, baby corn, mushroom, bell pepper, white cabbage, bamboo shoot, tomato, onion and water chestnut  ::    

Chicken or Tofu or Vegetable ::

Beef or Pork ::

1. Red Curry ::  a red curry in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, hot pepper and sweet basil leave

4. Mussaman Curry  :: a popular dish from the south of Thailand made with Thai herbs in coconut milk, potato, red onion, pineapple and roasted peanut

3. Yellow Curry  ::  a Thai yellow curry in coconut milk with potato, onion, tomato, lemongrass and green apple

2. Green Curry ::  famous Thai green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, green peas, bell pepper and sweet basil leave

5. Panang Curry  ::  a fragrant creamy curry with sweet bell pepper and fresh basil leave

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Thai Curries
Duck Specials

1. Mango & Sweet Sticky Rice (Seasonal)

2. Banana in sweet sticky rice

3. Fried Banana with ice cream

4. Ice cream :: Green Tea, Mango, Coconut or Vanilla

5. Mochi Ice Cream :: Green Tea, Strawberry, Mango or Vanilla

6. Gaeng Pha ::  red curry in clear soup ( without coconut milk) with chili, mixed vegetable and fresh basil leave.