1. Cashew Chicken ::  stir fried slices of chicken with snow peas, mushroom, carrot, pineapple and cashew nuts in a hot chili sauce ::    




2. Ginger Chicken ::  stir fried chicken with ginger, mushroom, garlic, onion and black mushroom in a light brown sauce  ::    

6. Spicy Basil Leave  ::  stir fried chicken with garlic, fresh basil leave, mushroom, hot pepper and bell pepper in spicy basil sauce ::    

5. Garlic Chicken ::  stir fried tender chicken in garlic black pepper sauce; served with fresh vegetable ::    

4. Nutty Chicken ::  sauteed chicken breast with cashew, lotus nuts, dates, peanuts, almonds and water chestnuts  ::   

3. Five Star Chicken ::  seasoned chicken with baby corn, mushroom, carrot, peapod and cabbage in spicy garlic-chili sauce  ::  

7. Spicy Bamboo  ::  stir fried meat with bamboo shoot and onion in hot pepper sauce ::   

8. Sweet & Sour   ::  butterfly chicken with red tomato, pineapple and sweet bell pepper in sweet and sour homemade tomato sauce ::    

10. Lemongrass Beef  ::  sauteed slices of beef with onion lemongrass, toasted almonds and dried chili ::

11. Peppercorn Beef  ::  stir fried slices of beef with bamboo shoot, fresh basil leave, garlic and green peppercorn; nice and spicy! ::    

14. Peapod & Baby Corn Lover ::  stir fried chicken with peapod, baby corn and onion in a light garlic bean gravy ::    

13. Thai Orange Chicken  ::  stir fried chicken tempura with mixed vegetable in Thai orange sauce ::    

12. Rama Chicken  ::  grilled chicken breast with a spicy peanut sauce; served on a bed of fresh spinach::   

15. Broccoli with Chicken  ::  sauteed slices of chicken with broccoli in oyster sauce with ginger ::    

16. Beef Oyster Sauce ::  tender beef stir fried with sliced mushroom, carrot and onion in tasty oyster sauce ::    

19. Vegetable Delight :: stir fried variety of fresh vegetable with chicken or tofu in delicious gravy; healthy! healthy! ::   

18. Pepper Steak  :: stir fried tender beef with mushroom, peapod, onion, tomato and water chestnut in special brown sauce  ::    

17. Sweet Almond Beef  ::  sauteed slices of beef with almond, water chestnut, mushroom, carrot and onion ::   

9. Coco Chicken  ::  sauteed chicken in creamy coconut sauce with lemon juice, abalone mushroom, galangal and lemongrass ::    

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20. Sizzle Beef :: stir fried beef tenderloin marinated in special steak sauce with mixed vegetable and sweet basil leave::